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Trading - Samundra Marine - A Samundra Group Unit


Samundra Marine is an international trading company which specializes in trading of different  commodities world wide. We trade wide variety of commodities not limited to agri, coal, ore to Europe, W.Africa, middle east, china and still on the verge to develop new markets. We are always in search to develop new trading partners and associates with a focus to maintain valuable relationships with present clients. Being an established player in international trade markets, we possess the global strength for both seller and buyer on wide variety of commodities.

Our experts / seafarers have years of experience in sourcing various commodities from a variety of international origins with the lowest prices. We have experts to look at total commodity solutions and movement of the products so that you can focus on your own business.

 Core values:

Delivering committed quality at lowest cost is our prime moto.

Prompt personal service through coordinated teamwork is our  backbone.

Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the  process.

Continuously in touch with growers and producers world wide.

We change with changing markets to ensure client  satisfaction.

 Offer wide trading spectrum not limited to agri and dry commodities.

Always in search of new trading partners / markets.

Committed towards finest quality.