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Who we are - Samundra Marine - A Samundra Group Unit

Who we are

In early 2000s a group of traders, seafarers and marine consultants gathered to provide the best marine solutions for the shipping community and thus formed a business entity.

Though more than a decade, we are still expanding our horizon. We have built a global network to provide one of the industry’s finest marine and commodity solutions..

The activities include domestic and international business around the clock, with shippers, traders, shipowners and charterers worldwide. We are involved in spot, time-chartering, sale-purchase and new building contracts within national and international markets. Here below a snapshot  :

– Our focus on Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drives us to step into our customer’s business reality,guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm.

– We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through exceptional quality services.

– We always strive to provide new ideas and methods for economical solutions to our clients through Operational and network optimization.

– We recognize the importance of nurturing relationships with our client that reflects our culture.

– We pride our skills in building strong client database by building robust contracts world wide.

– We believe our responsibilities extend beyond business that is why we are planning ahead Samundra foundation to provide assistance to depressed section of communities.